CyberWiser Plus

CyberWISER Plus is the most complex and advanced mode of operation designed for the WISER Platform.

The WISER sensors catalogue is extended  with the inclusion of sensors able to collect information at the application layer level. This means that the quantity and variety of data available for processing and analysis is larger. CyberWISER Plus offers the possibility to put customized sensors tailored to the peculiarities of the target infrastructure in place and also integrates the existing sensors provided to the customers. The full support of the WISER team is included. CyberWISER Plus is not limited to suggesting mitigation measures, it also offers cost-benefit analysis features allowing informed decisions to be made on the best mitigation measures to apply, by ranking and prioritizing them.

Who is the service designed for?

Many small as well as large companies lack the knowledge necessary to make informed critical decisions regarding cyber security. Given the fact that cyber security requires an investment which is often non negligible in the company’s overall budget, CEOs or similar managing officers will always require this information in order to make these investments.  
CyberWISER Plus makes a relevant contribution in helping to steer the company’s cyber security policy, following a strategy based on a rigorous methodology, with contained financial costs, that pursues a “cyber-security for all” approach.



Castilla y León as a leading region in Spain’s cybersecurity thanks to the Cybersecurity Innovation Hub

The Cybersecurity Innovation Hub, just presented on its first 2019 event on the 18th of February in León (Spain) is a digital ecosystem around cybersecurity and advanced technologies, mainly directed at companies to help them carry out their digital transformation in a safe digital environment.

Future Events

ICDS 2019, The Thirteenth International Conference on Digital Society and eGovernments
21/02/2019 to 28/02/2019

From February 24th to the 28th, 2097, the ICDS 2019, The Thirteenth International Conference on Digital Society and eGovernments will be host in Athens, Greece.

The event will focus on state-of-the-art public services, e-government services in the context of digital society, Internet and web services, digital intelligence, networking and telecommunications, e-commerce, e-business and other areas.

Global Cyber Security Summit

Global Cyber Security Summit

Developing a Robust Cyber Defense Strategy

Please Note: This program is under Chatham House Rule