TRÁFICA: Análisis de tráfico para inteligencia operativa

01/01/2016 to 31/12/2019


The project is developing 100 Gbps network traffic probes, using different technologies, such as FPGA or DPDK for packet capture, high-speed NVMe drives for traffic retention, and big data for traffic analysis. This information can be very valuable for forensic purposes, to know the way in which a problem happened in a network.

Who is the project designed for?

Network operators and large companies, such as banks.

How will your project benefit the end-user? 

Not directly, but given that end-users are clients of network operators, yes, it will benefit them.

Thursday, 4 October, 2018


Supporting Specialised Skills Development: Big Data, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity for SMEs

Digitisation is a hot topic and impacts everyone. Did you encounter a security incident lately? Are you aware of the potential of big data, but unsure how and where to start applying it? Do you produce or use Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and networks? Are you already using one of these technologies, but are you facing skills challenges? Or do you work closely together with SMEs?
Then you are invited to participate in this survey!

With your participation, you can help to gain insight in:


Cloudia IT Academy 2018 - CyberSec Day

On October 25th the IT ACADEMY is dedicating a whole day to the topic of Cyber ​​Security with the fourth edition of CyberSec Day.

The event is gathering cybersecurity experts giving valuable insights on the fast evolving cybersecurity landscape; over the last years companies have been subject to increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks: they have had to evolve their approach to cybersecurity over time and today face the challenge of how to keep it aligned with the business strategy.

01/11/2018 to 10/11/2018
6th European Cyber Security Conference - 8th November 2018 - Brussels (Belgium)

The European Cyber Security Conference (organised by Forum Europe) provides a platform for key policymakers and stakeholders to discuss and debate the most pertinent issues affecting the security and safety of the digital space.